New Friends, Old Friends

We have been staying down here in Florida for a couple months. Then we got a text from some friends we had made when we were helping out at a church in Nova Scotia last fall. We had been at this small church for a week helping them with some small renos and we were able to get to know several wonderful families there. One of these families were visiting Florida and we were able to get together and catch up!


It was a really fun time, taking the boat out, looking for alligators, and having a lunch of fried gator tail! I felt like they brought some of home with them, and it was so refreshing! We had talks of lobster fishing back up in Canada together when we got back. It was a great time.


But it got me thinking... how is it that we can make new friends after 1 week of knowing each other, and feel like we are meeting old friends when we get together again?


God made us to have relationships with other people. He made us to go through life with others and he made us as Christians to have fellowship with others in the Body of Christ. And there is a special connection there. Although we may be different in so many ways, we have the same Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us. We love the same Jesus, and part of the same Body of Christ.

I love it. It is the best part of being able to travel, and get to know new people.

Making new friends into old friends.