One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure. 
— William Feather

We aim to inspire and equip families to adventure together. 


We aim

We are a young family that are like so many other families. We were so busy in the daily rat race of life, exhausted at the end of each day, trying to simply survive till the next. But we didn't want our family to simply survive. We wanted to thrive. We wanted to slow down, enjoy time together as a family. We wanted to take time to listen, feel and smell the nature all around us instead of spending hours in front of Netflix. We wanted to see each day as an adventure to be had, together, discovering new things about the world around us and each other. We made a bold move to sell our house, move into our converted school bus, and let God guide us into some really neat new ministries and adventures. 


to inspire

We want to inspire other families that they can do it too. Maybe not sell their house and move into a bus, but take the time to adventure together as a family. Some people think that when they have kids, fun adventuring has to stop, or at least till the kids grow up. Not so! Take your kids along! We aim to inspire families to get outside, go biking or hiking or try paddle-boarding! Enjoy their time as a family playing games and maybe making up new ones, being free from electronic distractions. Learn something new about the real world around them,  appreciating the abundance and beauty of nature, being active, or simply being still and soaking it all in.


and equip

 We don't want to just inspire families, but we want to equip them too. Give them the tips, tools and information they need to help them in their adventures. We are trying to review products we have used ourselves, showcase other families experiences, share practical tips, and in the future, come along side families to help them discover new things in the form of courses, events, and classes.


families to adventure together. 

We think that families are so important. Families are the foundation of our society and the place where our children are growing up, learning, and gaining their worldview. Families can impact a whole world around them. We want other families to join us as we discover how to thrive together, not simply survive each day.  We want families to use the time they have been given together to make memories, grow stronger in family unity, and discover new things. 


Together as family, you can do much more than you ever thought possible, one step at a time.  Will you join us on this adventure?



You can read more HERE about how our family came to live in a converted school bus, ride bikes, and generally live this crazy way!