I love a good cup of coffee, grilling on my BBQ, and playing guitar. I like to work hard and get stuff done, and also enjoy time with my family. I like to challenge myself and create things, whether that is a bus, carving, roasting coffee, astronomy, scuba diving, woodworking or blacksmithing. If I don't know how to do something, I look it up, and figure it out! I am passionate about the outdoors, family and common sense. I met and married my wife, Katie at New Tribes Bible Institute in 2011, and God has blessed us with 4 children.


I love the outdoors, going on a hike or sitting around a campfire. I am learning how to bake artisan breads, and I am a big fan of muffins. I like to read books to the kids, and spend time discovering critters on the seashore with them. I like to be creative with wood-burning, crafts and pictures. I love being a wife and mommy and am so thankful that our family has the opportunity to live like this!



ur Sprouts!

Our four ‘big’ girls love to sing loudly, dress up like princesses, and eat ice-cream cones. They love to read books, do puzzles, and ride bikes. They like to get muddy, collect shells and play with dolls. They love to wrestle each other, draw pictures and play with Lego. They are such a joy to us and we are so thankful that God has given us them to raise! They are being home-schooled by mommy and are learning to read by themselves!


Newest Addition!

This little munchkin joined our family this February! She is a sweet little girl who likes to eat, poop and sleep. The other girls love to be big sisters again and we are so grateful she is part of our family!