Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about how we built our bus, what it is like living in it, what we do on rainy days... so here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions!

Q. Does the top of the bus go up and down?

A. It is amazing how many times we get asked this question! No, it does not go up and down, but that would be so cool if it did!

Q. Did you convert the bus yourself?

A. Yes, we converted the bus by ourselves. It was a standard school bus when we bought it and now it is a crazy cabin looking bus! If we didn't know how to do something we looked it up in books and figured it out as we went along!

Q. Did you design your own floor plan or copy another bus you saw?

A. We looked at a lot of buses that others had converted and drew up tons of floor plans on paper before finally settling on what we did. We knew semi-separate rooms would work best with our family, rather than a more open-concept design. It is rather different than most floor plans we see elsewhere, not to mention the 'cabin' roof!

Q. How long did it take to convert the bus?

A. We slowly converted the bus as time allowed and as we saved up money for materials. It took 2 years and 4 months from buying the bus to when we hit the road. And of course there is always things that can be improved and what we want to add on still!

Q. Is it bigger feeling on the inside than what it looks like from the outside?

A. Yes! At least that is what we feel like, and what others have said when they take a tour! It continues to feel bigger the longer we live in it too!

Q. How do the kids do with all the traveling?

A. The kids love it! They are get to see so many new places, play on new playsets, make new friends, and learn about new things (like sea clams and animals hands on!) They do well when we are actually travelling to a new place and read books, sing or colour on the way. Although they get to experience so many new things, they get to crawl into their own beds each night. I think they are having the time of their lives. 

Q. Does it get cramped and crazy with everyone inside on rainy days?

A. Not really, at least no more than in a normal house. I structure time with the kids more on the inside days, with puzzle time, lego, or playdough and then "lets all make cookies!" Our kids love to colour and draw pictures so sometimes if mommy needs to space to make supper everyone hangs out in the living room or reads books in their beds. 

Q. Do you miss living in a big house?

A.  No. Cleaning is so much faster in our bus! Also, the kids have less toys and they don't get so scattered around living in a smaller space. I think I may go crazy if we lived in our bus in the middle of a huge city, but because we get to enjoy God's creation so much because living in the bus, I love it!