Life as an Adventure

We are all on an adventure. Life itself is an adventure granted to us by God. How do we see each day? Do we simply try to survive each day, or do we desire to thrive? Do we work ourselves ragged trying to find satisfaction in things we can accumulate, or do we find contentment in what we have already been given?



Dream. Live life to the full. Live an adventure.

Be different.
love your enemies.
invest time and energy to help someone who can never pay you back.
put Jesus ahead of everything else.
see people through God's eyes.


Do something that makes your heart alive.
let your talents shine forth.
discover a new hobby .
put your family ahead of your career.
give something up to gain something even better.


Take the time.
feel the wind in your hair.
learn something new.
watch the stars as they come out at night.
run barefoot in the sand.


We are a family whose desire is to live our life as an adventure.

To live for God, who gave us this life. To live our life together as a family. We want to live each day to the full.


Wherever that may take us, whatever we may do.
Will you join us? Let us know about your own adventure!