Creation Story Lesson Plan

The school year has begun! Excited kids are loaded up with new binders, pencil crayons and new sweaters. They have posed for first day of school pictures before climbing on the bus, eager to meet old friends they haven't seen all summer. Long summer days turn into chilly nights and there is a sense of routine returning to everyone's lives. 

We have started school here at home as well. I have a girls in Grade 1, Kindergarten and Pre-School this year, and it has been a challenge teaching them all, and keeping Sprout #4 (1 1/2 yrs old) out of trouble while doing so!

School for our family happens at the table, outside or even on the couch.

School for our family happens at the table, outside or even on the couch.

This school year, along with our other subjects are travelling through the Bible chronologically, focusing on God's redemptive story throughout and how the entire Bible fits together as the history of the world. 

This first couple weeks we have been going through the Creation Story while also exploring the world around us with simple crafts and activities.

We try to explore and incorporate nature in our schooling as much as we can!

We try to explore and incorporate nature in our schooling as much as we can!

The following is my simple lesson plan (though it is a 'flexible' plan!) and I hope it can give some ideas to other parents, or it could even be used in a preschool Sunday School setting! This is best for preschool or young grade children as it is simple and focused on fun!

This lesson plan includes a "Creation Wheel" craft that is completed though-out the week. At the end, the kids should be able to tell the Creation Story in their own words to someone else! To see how to make the Creation wheel, CLICK HERE

Creation Story Lesson Plan

Day 1. God made light, and separated the light from the darkness

Read and discuss Genesis 1:1-5

Dig deep: God (in all three parts of the Trinity) always existed. (See John 1:1-5) God not just created light, He is light. (See 1 John 1:4) Darkness is simply the absence of light. 

Creation Wheel Day 1 

Have fun with shadows in the sunshine outside or if it is not sunny, do shadow puppets inside at night with flashlights!

Day 2. God created the sky and separated the water above and below the sky.

Read and discuss Genesis 1:6-8

Creation Wheel Day 2

Science Experiment: Make Clouds (Instructions HERE)

Go outside and observe the clouds in the sky, the different kinds, the wind moving them, cloud shapes. 

Attempting to ‘make’ a cloud with boiling water, ice cubes and a light.

Attempting to ‘make’ a cloud with boiling water, ice cubes and a light.

Day 3. God created dry land, plants and trees.

Read and discuss Genesis 1:9-13

Creation Wheel Day 3

Go for a nature walk (or through the garden!) and collect leaves of the different trees and plants you come across. See how the different plants produce seeds (pine-cones, seeds in fruit, dandelion fluff, etc).

Gather pine-cones to use on day 5! Press the leaves in between wax paper under a large book till dry and then use in a future craft! 

Cut an apple in half, dip in paint, then use as a stamp on paper to make a neat apple print. When the paint dries you can cut them out and make into cards and send to a friend or relative! 

Day 4. God created the Sun, Moon and Stars.

Read and discuss Genesis 1:14-19

Creation Wheel Day 4

Talk about our solar system. Explain how all the planets revolve around the Sun, and how the Moon reflects the Sun's light. 

Create a picture by colouring a paper with white or yellow crayon, then painting over with black paint. Then you can scratch off the paint with a matchstick or toothpick in the shape of a sun, moon or stars, allowing the crayon underneath to shine through! 

If it is a clear night, go outside and look at the stars!

Black paint over yellow crayon creates a “scratch and see” picture of the night sky!

Black paint over yellow crayon creates a “scratch and see” picture of the night sky!

Day 5. God created all the creatures of the sea, and birds.

Read and discuss Genesis 1:20-23

Creation Wheel Day 5

Spread Peanut Butter (or another Nut Butter) on pine-cones, roll in birdseed and hang from the branches of trees. Watch and see how many different kinds of birds come for a snack! 

Creating a snack for the birds.

Creating a snack for the birds.

Day 6. God created land animals, man and woman.

Read and discuss Genesis 1:24-31

Dig deeper: Talk about how God made people different than animals (in God's image) and how he gave them a job to do (rule over the animals, plants and earth) taking care of all God has created. The next chapter (Genesis 2) talks in greater detail about the creation of the first man and woman. 

Creation Wheel Day 6

Have fun with chalk, draw outlines of people on the ground and colour in to decorate. Draw animal outlines (or you can attempt at least!) in different sizes. Tiny grasshopper, little cats, big horse, etc. 

Day 7. God rested.

Read and discuss Genesis 2:1-4

Dig deeper: Did God need to rest because He was tired? What does it mean to have a "holy" day (set apart)? Why did God find it important to rest/model a day of rest?

Creation Wheel Day 7

Go outside and play tag, or have races... anything to get good and tired. Then sit and have a rest together enjoying a cool treat. Talk about how good it is to rest after playing/working hard. 

It was a lot of fun for me to go through the first 2 chapters of the Bible with my kids, discussing the Creation of the World. We had fun doing the activities and crafts, learned a lot, and was reminded of the care God put into His Creation and the love He has for the world, and especially us people!! (I mean, He sent His Son to die for us-- there is no greater love than that!)

I am excited to continue on digging deep into the Bible with our kids, and helping them understand who God is, who they are and what God's plan is! 

What about you? What creative ways have you discovered to teach God's Word to your kids? I would love to hear from you!