Creation Wheel Craft

This simple craft is a great visual, hands-on way for kids to understand and remember the story of Creation from the Bible!

The materials you will need:

Printout of Creation wheel page 1 and 2 (you can access the PDF HERE for Page 1 and HERE for Page 2)

Markers or Crayons


Metal paper fasteners


  1. Print out Creation Wheel Page 1 and 2 on thick card-stock paper (or glue onto a thin cardboard).

  2. Cut out circles and fasten together in the middle with a paper fastener.

  3. For every day of Creation in the Bible (Read Genesis chapters 1 and 2) colour/draw in one wedge with what God created that day. Example: Since there is 8 wedges, one wedge can be coloured black to picture the darkness before God created anything.

  4. Once the Creation Wheel is complete, even young kids should be able to spin the ‘wheel’ and explain what God made each day of Creation!

Finished Creation Wheel

Finished Creation Wheel

To read about how we incorporated this Creation Wheel into a more complete study of the Creation in the Bible, click HERE.

Happy Crafting!