Tankard-Set of 2 with Moose Woodburning

Tankard-Set of 2 with Moose Woodburning


This is a set of two tankards, made with dark cedar wood with hand-carved light cedar handles. The silhouette of a moose is woodburnt on the side of each tankard. This one-of-a-kind set is just waiting to be filled with your favorite cold beverage! Each tankard will fit around 24 oz.

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Each of our quality hand-crafted Cedar Tankards are made with natural materials. Each tankard is hand-planed, wrapped with sinew*, coated with a food-safe mineral oil and sealed with beeswax. We are proud to offer a natural product that when filled with your favorite cold beverage you can be assured of no toxic materials being leached into your drink. The earthy cedar and beeswax tones transport your senses back to a simpler time when man made the vessels they drank from, from the trees they sat under. Join the adventure!

*We use artificial sinew, a strong and durable alternative to the traditional animal product.